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Cialde Desideri

The Desideri family has been handcrafting traditional Tuscan sweets since the early 1900s. Its history begins with the skilful work of great-grandfather Stefano Desideri, who travelled around the villages of Tuscany as a hawker selling ‘grains’ at fairs and local markets.

The ‘brigidini’ of Lamporecchio, his home town, became his speciality, so much so that in 1911 he was awarded a gold medal at the Milan Trade Fair. The business grew and saw the entire Desideri family involved in this flourishing activity. From father to son, ingenuity and art were passed on, so much so that soon the need to increase the production of these extraordinary Tuscan sweets led the Desideri family to reinvent machinery to meet their needs. From confectioners to engineers, they created a new production system that, with the necessary safety modifications, is still active today for the production of Brigidini di Lamporecchio, Cialde di Montecatini under the guidance of grandsons Giacomo and Luca, who inherited all the secrets of the confectionery tradition of Montecatini and Lamporecchio from their father Stefano.

Much of the workmanship is still entirely manual, and it is this craftsmanship that makes each of the Desideri family’s sweets unique and rich in tradition, and that has allowed them to conceive, design and engineer their machinery to make the company unique.

For three generations, the recipes for these Tuscan sweets have been handed down from father to son: tradition continues, but with an extra gear, between modernity and innovation.

The products of the Desideri Family: Cialde di Montecatini, Brigidini di Lamporecchio, stand out for the genuineness of the ingredients, for the total absence of colouring agents and preservatives, and for the craftsmanship of the workmanship, all characteristics that make this small family-run business an excellence.





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