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Il Baggiolo

Baggiolo produces juices, compotes and fruit-based sauces at an altitude of 1400 metres. In their products they put all their love for nature and healthy living, and their connection to the unique territory. The Apennines have always been a borderland, not only in a geographical sense. Living above 1000 m altitude means a change of perspective. Respect for nature, passion for the land, the quest for a healthy life and natural food are feelings that are stronger, more tenacious in the mountains.
Everywhere, mountain villages are lands of adventure and great family stories. In Abetone, the woods and snow-capped peaks tell of great ski champions, but in the high-altitude heaths, the undisputed protagonist of the stories is the wild bilberry, which has always been harvested here in large quantities.
Thus began the story of Baggiolo, at 1400 metres above sea level, with Leandro and Marilena who, in the 1980s, opened a small workshop to process the fruits of the undergrowth. Production of the first jams and juices began, following recipes handed down from generation to generation. Only the best raw materials have always been chosen, processed by skilful hands that know how to give the right spreadability to the jams, making them easy to spread on bread. Although the wild blueberry remains their fruit of choice, new products are continually being developed with imagination: compotes, vitamin-rich fruit juices, fruit in syrup and liqueurs are added to the traditional recipes, completing an offer that always satisfies customers’ desire for novelty.
In 1998 they were among the first in Tuscany to introduce certified organic production.
Every production phase is controlled according to rules dictated by the absolute search for quality.
In addition to jams, at baggiolo they are attentive to the production and processing of other typical products from Monte Abetone, such as porcini mushrooms





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