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Il Felciaio

Inheriting a multi-secular family tradition linked to the production of extra virgin olive oil in Tuscany, Il Felciaio has created an agricultural reality, whose start-up is revolved around a serious ten-year investment project. This new family deal that crosses the countryside of Castagneto Carducci, renews its will to create excellent extra virgin olive oil in the area of Bolgheri, also increasing the range of proposals on the market. As a first step, here is the doubling of the current 850 olive trees and the construction of a new company crusher. Three cultivars present in the 9 hectares of land owned (as many are intended for cereal growing), dwell on 4 kilometers of the Tyrrhenian: Frantoio, moraiolo and a smaller part of leccino. The 32 quintals of oil produced during the year were produced exclusively with a natural methodology, which envisaged an initial hand-picking, carton filtering, processing with a continuous cold cycle within 6/8 hours from collection.





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