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Il Ghiareto

Pearly, small and with a very thin skin, Fagiolo Di Sorana is grown exclusively in small handkerchiefs of land along the Pescia stream, in the province of Pistoia. An optimal altitude, between 200 and 750 MSL, an abundance of scarcely calcareous water, a good percentage of humidity in the air and excellent sun exposure, well-drained and loose, sandy soils: a fortunate combination of different elements that contribute to the birth of the legendary Fagiolo Di Sorana. Harvesting, by hand, takes place in September. The beans are then exposed to the sun for 3/4 days to complete drying. During the winter they are kept in special containers with the addition of peppercorns, valerian roots or bay leaves. Flavorful and very digestible, it is the protagonist of many recipes but the best way to taste it is cooked “in the flask”, i.e. in glass containers with a large mouth that are called “Gozzi” in peaches.





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