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Il Panaio di Roccalbegna

Libero Conti, he is the Panaio di Roccalbegna. The custodian of ancient flavors and knowledge is his bakery, set in the picturesque village of Roccalbegna. It is in this suggestive context that Libero Conti creates his baked goods, including the famous salted biscuit of Roccalbegna, a slow food presidium. The salted biscuit of Roccalbegna is the result of the most ancient tradition of Roccalbegna and was never missing in the haversack of farmers and charcoal burners. The humble and readily available ingredients are: Water; Salt; Flour; Anise Seeds; Oil and White Wine. The Biscotto is a simple, long-keeping product that keeps its flavor and aroma intact for many days. From mother to daughter, for many generations, all the housewives of Monte Amiata have learned to make the famous biscuit following the recipe and the variation of their own family, but the inhabitants of the village of Roccalbegna are those recognized by all as the true custodians of the magic formula that makes these biscuits so special.





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