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Il Quercetano

Olives: 100% Quercetano olive, monocultivar of Quercetano, Slow Food presidium and indigenous variety of Versilia. The farm Il Quercetano was founded in 2020 with the idea of safeguarding the olive biodiversity of the production area and with the aim of producing a superior quality extra virgin olive oil rich in flavors and fragrances. The company’s logic is based on the recovery of the Quercetano olive groves, which are now abandoned, restoring value to the landscape. Their oil is produced in the hinterland of Versilia, an ancient landscape protected by the Apuan Alps and caressed by the tramontana wind and sea breezes. Here are the centuries-old olive groves of the Piana di Querceta. The Olivo Quercetano cultivar is a strong and vigorous native variety. Due to the small size of the olive, it is attacked by the fly (if present) late and therefore retains a better quality.





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