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Le Fontacce

Le Fontacce, an ancient Tuscan farmhouse surrounded by olive trees, on one of the hills on the slopes of Mount Pratomagno. The farm was born in 2008, on a farm existing since the beginning of 1800, is certified organic on all its products. Le Fontacce is a producer of the famous Fagiolo Zolfino which is so called for its pale yellow color like sulfur, has a round shape and its pasta is creamy and exceptionally tasty. Traditionally it is sown on the hundredth day of the year, also called by farmers “day of the hundred”. It is very connected to climatic conditions and often produces a very small harvest, so much that its cultivation was almost abandoned, in preference to beans having a more reliable yield. Today Fagiolo Zolfino has been saved from extinction and rediscovered in its original seed, its seeding and harvesting are protected by an association of producers. Zolfino does not require soaking; it would be preferable to cook it in an earthenware pot or better still in a flask, at the sound of the fire, simmering it for at least three hours. Served with Extra Virgin Olive Oil it is an irreplaceable combination for the satisfaction of the finest palate. From 2018 the zolfino bean becomes “Slow Food Presidium”





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