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Mulino Le Pietre

Mulino Le Pietre was founded by a heterogeneous group of people from the Val di Cornia, organic farmers, technicians, cooks and entrepreneurs who, since 2013, have come together with the common idea of rebuilding the cereal chain in the Val di Cornia, cultivating traditional varieties of high-straw wheat (known as Ancient grains) in collaboration with the University of Florence. The aim is to rebuild the cereal chain in Val Corniagrowing traditional varieties of high-straw wheat (known as ancient grains) in collaboration with the University of Florence, in an attempt to rehabilitate the area from intensive cultivation and improve the quality of products and the lives of consumers.Flour obtained by stone milling organic Tuscan soft wheat.The main characteristic is in the cooked dough; with a weak gluten that makes it possible to reduce the percentage of fat in the dough, it still gives a very crumbly consistency and is therefore recommended for biscuits and shortcrust pastry in general.
It is also suitable for breadsticks and savory and sweet crushes with direct or indirect dough
Taste: typical, healthy, pleasant with a sweetish aftertaste after cooking.





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