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Nannoni Grappe

When the Nannoni Grappe distillery was founded, there was no culture of distillation in Tuscany, the “marc” was mostly thrown in the chicken coop, and most of the grappa was produced in the region was destined for sale in bulk to northern Italy. The early days were tough, but before long the Montalcino wineries, and then all the other major Tuscan wineries, realized the great opportunity they were being offered, so a farmhouse in the middle of the Maremma became an international destination for Grappa lovers and tourists of good drinking, bringing their Grappa to the world and many enthusiasts to the Maremma. Thanks to the work of Priscilla Occhipinti, the only woman master distiller in the world, Nannoni Grappe has established itself over the years as the best producer of spirits in the world, in fact there are numerous awards won by Nannoni Grappe, just think of the 144 gold and double gold medals won from 2011 to 2019. We can therefore say that Nannoni Grappe is the most awarded producer in the world





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