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Poggio Nibbiale

The story of Poggio Nibbiale is a special one, which starts far away, in Germany…
The Buchheim family had always dreamed of having a vineyard in Tuscany.
Their long-cherished wish came true when the Poggio Nibbiale winery was founded in 1998. Their dream of growing wine in the impressive scenery of southern Tuscany became a reality.

The vineyards of Poggio Nibbiale are located in the Maremma hills between Scansano and Magliano in Tuscany, 300 metres above the Tyrrhenian Sea with a magnificent view of the Island of Giglio, Elba, Montecristo and the Monte Argentario peninsula.
From the beginning, they decided on organic viticulture and abstained from agricultural practices that mainly aim at high yields. For them, it is important to endow the wines with aromatic depth, refinement and complexity.





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