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Salumificio Conti

The producer, Salumificio Conti, works combining the best artisan tradition with the most modern and innovative qualitative techniques while respecting the genuineness; has been the choice that has characterized the activity of the Salumificio Conti di Prato, thus managing to blend intelligence with passion and profession, making itself known and appreciated by the most demanding customers.

In 1965, driven by a real passion for their work, the Conti brothers opened their own butcher’s shop, an activity that has developed through a growth that has been able to safeguard important values such as the careful choice of meat coming only from selected farms, processing procedures carried out with the utmost care and perfect seasoning carried out in special controlled rooms.

From the entry of the raw materials to the production of the finished product, the Salumificio Conti encompasses all the production phases, carried out with many years of experience, responding to the ever-increasing demands in terms of both quantity and quality.
Needless to mention that Mortadella di Prato PGI is the flagship and most famous product.





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