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San Polo

San Polo is situated on the south-eastern slope of Montalcino hill, at an altitude of 450 metres, the 22 hectares of the estate, 16 of which are planted with Sangiovese, are characterized by a dry, breezy microclimate, with wide diurnal and seasonal temperature swings. In the cellar, an admirable example of bio-architecture, designed to minimize energy consumption and environmental impact, the grapes are processed with artisan care to enhance the finesse of the Sangiovese aromas. The essence of San Polo, in fact, is to take the wines back to the vineyard that generated them, so as to express the concept of terroir to the full. Man’s intervention is nothing more than bringing the wine closer to nature, adopting a viticulture that respects the soil, the microclimate and the biodiversity of the place, so that the biological cycle of the vineyard and the pedoclimatic context are in perfect harmony.





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