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Tenuta Paganico

Tenuta di Paganico is one of the first farms in Maremma to draw up and sign the “Charter of Values” of the Slow Food “Maremmana Breed” Presidium, with the aim of promoting and safeguarding this breed and its native territory.

Of the 1,500 hectares of the Tenuta Paganico, 1,100 are represented by woods, used by their animals as real stables. The wild breeding based on pasture, the fundamental objective for the Estate, and the organic certification, obtained more than 15 years ago, constitute the basis of all the work aimed at animal welfare and low environmental impact.

The Maremmana cow is a rustic breed with a great aptitude for grazing and life also in the woods. The Maremmana breed can be considered native to our country and has been present here since prehistoric times.
It is characterized by a large chest and a strong and solid bone structure.

But the fundamental characteristic that makes these cows the symbol of the Maremma landscape are the large horns, semi-moon shaped in the males and lyre-shaped in the females, also useful to create openings in the most inaccessible scrub and to bend the plants until the foliage is lowered to ground level, thus allowing others to feed on them. Collaboration at least between conspecifics is everything!

The meat of the Maremmana breed bred with this breeding philosophy is deep red and very tasty. It has an excellent water retention capacity, with consequent low water loss during cooking.
Rich in unsaturated and above all polyunsaturated fatty acids – even of the omega-3 series – and poor in saturated fatty acids and cholesterol, it can even be qualitatively better than Chianina meat, until today considered the best in an absolute sense under the dietetic-nutritional aspect.The breeding system, the age of the animals, the native breed, and the specific diet are the elements that define and reflect the quality of the meat.





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