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Tenuta San Carlo

When tasting their rice, you can taste the flavors of the Maremma. Tenuta San Carlo is a unique place, an out-of-the-ordinary farm. Located in the plain of the Ombrone river, inside the Maremma Park, Tenuta San Carlo is immersed in one of the most natural and unspoiled landscapes of Tuscany. To produce top-quality rice, they listen to the land and respect nature, without wanting to dominate it. From the preparation of the soil, to the selection of the seed up to the timing of the harvest, they follow an ethics of sustainability and pay close attention to details in every phase of the process. “From our land to your table” is the slogan of Tenuta San Carlo, speaking of its rice. All rice is naturally grown and worked in stone to ensure maximum quality. In October 2015, Tenuta San Carlo embarked on the multi-year transition path to certified organic production. In fact, very strict ecological standards are followed in the production of rice and no herbicides, pesticides or fungicides are used. Instead, they prefer to start preparing the soil several months before sowing to naturally avoid the growth of weeds and other potential unexpected events that would hinder a healthy harvest. To improve the quality and fertility of the soil, they use techniques such as plant cover and crop rotation. Only two types of rice are produced: Carnaroli Rice and Ribe.





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