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Limoncino dell'Elba

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Isola d'Elba

Made only with Local Lemons of Elba island

The therapeutic role of the lemon makes Limoncino dell'Elba an excellent natural digestive, excellent if served cold at the end of a meal or used to make cakes and ice-creams.

The company’s leading product is undoubtedly the famous Limoncino dell’Elba, which, precisely because it is made from organically grown citrus fruit varieties, undoubtedly has excellent qualities and natural characteristics. Limoncina, a product obtained from the infusion of lemon peels and leaves, a recipe handed down from father to son, was already part of the Elban tradition. Today, thanks to new and modern technologies, the same liqueur is still produced by Smania with the same care and attention as in the past, using only the peels of lemons using organic techniques. The lemons used for the production of Limoncino dell’Elba come from terraces along the hillside in the north-west of the island towards the sea. It is an artisanal liqueur produced and bottled on the island without the addition of preservatives or colouring agents. Any residues guarantee the genuineness of the product. It is advisable not to expose it to sunlight and to drink it cold in iced glasses. Smania Liquori is an all-Elba company, both in the location of the production department and in the choice of raw materials, and is the only company in the area to produce liqueurs. The berries used for the Mirto, the leaves for the Ciliegino, are picked in the lush scrubland of Elba, the citrus fruits for the production of the Limoncino and Arancino come from the lemon houses of Sant’Andrea. To guarantee their genuineness, all Elba liqueurs are made by infusion without the addition of colouring agents, preservatives or other flavourings.

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Ingredients: water, alcohol, sugar, lemon peels from the Island of Elba.

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