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Olivastra Seggianese

6 in stock (can be backordered)



6 in stock (can be backordered)

Seggiano - Maremma

Harvest 2021 - Olivastra Seggianese 100%

It is expressed on the nose with delicate notes of tomato petiole, aubergine peel with sensations of sage. When tasted it reveals itself with a right bitter tone, with a note of chilli pepper and a beautiful floral bouquet that leaves the mouth with a pleasant aromatic sensation.

Mirko’s passion for the olive oil comes from the bruschetta that his grandparents used to prepare him and from the days spent playing among the olive trees. Over the years, olive oil from Seggiano has proved to be a “great” olive oil. Olio Abbraccio was born in Seggiano, on the slopes of Mount Amiata, an ancient extinct volcano, located in the lower part of Tuscany, the Maremma. Seggiano is located at a height between 450 and 600 meters above sea level, a small medieval hamlet of about 1000 people, but surrounded by centuries-old olive trees. Seggiano also gives its name to the cultivar, the Olivastra Seggianese is a plant that resists to the low temperatures of the mount Amiata winters. The Olivastra Seggianese plants are located, as the law imposes, at a height that can vary from 200 meters to 650 meters above sea level. Originally this cultivar was wild, but the Benedictine monks around 1300 grew it as one of the best Italian olive oil cultivars. It is a plant resistant to cold, strong, which reproduces only by grafting and not by stone, as it is self-sterile. It is in this very particular context that the Seggianese olive grove and the Olio Abbraccio farm were born. The antioxidant properties of Abbraccio, make this oil can be used every day both for cooking but especially for raw dressing to benefit from all its nutritional properties

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