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Pecorino Riserva del Pastore

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Available on backorder

Val di cornia - Costa degli Etruschi

Seasoned for at least 5 months

To be matched with Honey, marmalades of strawberry, cherry or pear jam. Tuscan Red Wines.

La Riserva del Pastore Podere Paterno is a sheep’s raw milk pecorino cheese aged for a period of no less than at 5 months but expresses all its goodness with even very long aging. The cheese of raw milk is made from sheep’s milk coming exclusively from the pastures of the podere. The raw material does not undergo long journeys, because the freshly milked milk is brought to the premises of the company dairy. Here begins the transformation into cheese with only the addition of salt and kid rennet, which gives it a spicier flavour. The shapes are put to rest on wooden boards in the cell at a constant temperature of 10°C. During the first month of seasoning each wheel is turned upside down 2 times a week, then it’s turned once a week. After the first 3 months of seasoning begin the “washing” of the pecorino cheeses, carried out by spreading extra virgin olive oil. on the surface. Thanks to these treatments, the cheese retains a soft paste and tasty. Recommended pairings are Tuscan honey, if you want to dampen the taste marked by the seasoned pecorino cheese, otherwise to enhance its piquancy you can add jams made with onions, chilli pepper or green tomatoes. Podere Paterno was born when Mario Tanda, together with his three brothers, started this top-level dairy business, which represents a practical case of how the concept of environmental sustainability can be applied to food production. In the Podere Paterno, located in a hilly area of the Val di cornia rich in olive groves, pastures the flock (more than a thousand heads of sheep) that provides excellent milk with which a wide variety of cheeses are made. All this is possible thanks to an ancient tradition that has been handed down for three generations. The company falls within the Geothermal Park of Biancane and is part of the Community of food of Renewable Energies as it uses geothermal heat in the various phases of production. Always committed to the production of top-quality sheep’s cheese obtained exclusively with milk produced by its own farms, Podere Paterno, carries on its activity in full respect of the environment and animals. The prince of the products made by Podere Paterno is undoubtedly the pecorino cheese, made with special techniques handed down through generations that give rise to unique and refined flavours, but there is no lack of fresh products such as ricotta or delicious flakes of milk. The production of cheese respects the seasonal cycles of the animals and rejects any hormonal treatment that alters their nature.

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raw milk cheese,
Ingredients: sheep’s milk, rennet, salt.

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