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Bolgheri Superiore DOC Sondraia

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Available on backorder

Bolgheri DOC

Intense notes of fresh fruit and herbs aromatic herbs that find perfect correspondence on the palate, where the where the wine relaxes with class and persuasiveness.

Perfect to drink now, improves with time up to 15 years

Sondraia is the estate flagship, a Bolgheri Superiore DOC (Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Franc) Naturally suitable for grilled meats, including the Chianina variety. it goes well with spit-roasted dishes, roast veal, ribs, ossobuco, lamb shank or pork. veal, ribs, veal shanks, lamb or pork shanks. It is enhanced with smoked ricotta cheese, and medium-aged medium-aged Pecorino cheese. For the Allegrini family, one of Italy’s most important wine producers, Bolgheri could only be the fulfillment of a dream: to put down roots in a famous territory from which great wines take shape and soul, capable of thrilling a cosmopolitan public. The exceptional value of the area, combined with their experience, made the promise of Poggio al Tesoro possible: to offer wines with a strong identity, capable of expressing complexity and power, elegance and depth. Thus, in just a few years and a great deal of work, Poggio al Tesoro has taken shape and come to life, around 70 hectares of coveted Bolgheri land. The planting program for the estate’s vineyards, which began in 2003, The choice of varieties and rootstocks was strongly influenced by the pedological and environmental characteristics of the different areas of Poggio al Tesoro. and environmental characteristics of the different areas of Poggio al Tesoro. Soils characterised by sandy soil rich in skeleton were chosen to cultivate vines that express concentration and power, such as Cabernet Sauvignon and, in particular, Cabernet Franc. On the other hand, the clayey, mineral-rich soils are used to grow vines such as Merlot, in which elegance, fragrance and harmony are sought after. The vineyard at Via Bolgherese is lightly tilled in order to keep the soil fresh and aerated, while at Le Sondraie temporary grassing (during the winter-spring months) with grasses is used to limit vigour and optimise the relationship between temperature and humidity.

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