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Spelt Flour

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Available on backorder

Val di Cornia

Local & BIO Spelt

Suitable for dry and fresh pasta

Obtained by stone grinding dicocco spelt, an ancient species of cereal cultivated in the Val di Cornia, selected and GMO-free. A light pearling of the spelt before milling and sifting makes the spelt flour whole where we find the part of the germ (bran) rich in vitamins and mineral salts with all its health requirements. Flour suitable for dry and fresh pasta. Good for breadmaking, mixed in equal parts with wheat flour and using a sourdough starter to further improve and enhance the properties of this cereal. Excellent for use in frying batter with a sweetish aftertaste. Much lower in calories than other cereals, spelt is characterised by a high protein but low in gluten and has excellent nutritional properties. Mulino Le Pietre was founded by a heterogeneous group of people from the Val di Cornia, organic farmers, technicians, cooks and entrepreneurs who, since 2013, have come together with the common idea of rebuilding the cereal chain in the Val di Cornia, cultivating traditional varieties of high-straw wheat (known as Ancient grains) in collaboration with the University of Florence. The aim is to rebuild the cereal chain in Val Corniagrowing traditional varieties of high-straw wheat (known as ancient grains) in collaborazione con l’Università degli Studi di Firenze, nel tentativo di riabilitare il territorio da coltivazione intensiva e migliorare la qualità dei prodotti e la vita dei consumatori. Con Mulino Le Pietre, proseguiamo il principale impegno di promozione dell’agricoltura biologica, con l’obiettivo di creare e favorire lo sviluppo di una filiera corta che ci permetta di salvaguardare la biodiversità.

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