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Truffles are fresh products and their taste, smell and taste can vary for a thousand reasons.

For example, the White Truffles collected in October will certainly be different from those collected in December. We make deliveries of fresh truffles exclusively by express courier.

We ship both cheeses and cold cuts under vacuum. We only ship Seasoned or semi-mature cheeses, as per regulations. The weight of cheeses and cured meats can vary from time to time … being handmade, and therefore handmade, the cut cannot always be precise. For this reason, Passione Toscana reserves a margin of weight difference of 100-200g.

For example, by ordering a 1kg form of cheese, and a 0.5kg half form, you can receive a 1.15kg form and a 0.45 half form.

However, our manufacturers will try to stay as close as possible to the weight indications we provide.

As for cheeses, we recommend that you remove them from the vacuum as soon as they are received.

Dry them with a cloth and put them in the fridge for a few hours. It is important that the cheeses breathe. If you notice them be a little “out of shape”, a few hours in the fridge will bring them back to their natural state.

Molds are always present on aged cheeses.

The cured meats are seasoned. If you receive them a little “soft”, we advise you to hang them in a cool and dry place so that they can mature for a few more days. If so, you can also put them in the fridge.

Regarding all the other products, we suggest to store them in a place away from light and heat sources

Yes, it can vary. Cheeses and Salumi are artisan products and as such have a different weight from time to time.

Passione Toscana, like the producers, strives to keep this as light as possible, but the weight may be slightly higher or lower than indicated.

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